Unilever Internship Program

Initiated in 2011, the Unilever Internship Program offers select BBS students the opportunity to conduct summer research projects with Unilever’s Bioscience team at the company’s research center in Trumbull, CT. This facility specializes in the study of skin, and BBS interns will work on cutting edge projects using biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, and imaging. Newly matriculating students will be contacted in the summer prior to entering Yale to invite them to participate in this internship program. 

Unilever is a global consumer products company whose brands include Dover personal care products, Vaseline, Ben & Jerry’s, Skippy, and numerous other well-known products. 

For more information about the company please, visit www.unileverusa.com. The research facility in Trumbull, CT is 25 minutes from the Yale campus.