Xing Wang Deng

Daniel C. Eaton Senior Research Scientist in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; Daniel C. Eaton Professor of Plant Biology at Yale; Director of Peking-Yale Center for Plant Molecular Genetics & Agrobiotechnology

Research Interests

Plant Biology, Genome and Epigenome, Development mechanism, Hybrid Vigor, Agribiotechnology Light Regulation

Current Projects

Light regulation of Plant Development, Genomic and Epigenomic Basis of Hybrid Vigor,
The Role of Proteolysis in Plant Development

Research Summary

My research centers in two areas. One is genome-wide analysis of the relationship between epigenetic modifications and chromatin structure/gene expression in rice and Arabidopsis. We have established several genomic platforms to examine the molecular and genomic basis of rice heterosis and genome expression evolution during rice domestication. We also examine genome wide coding potential and functional implications of ncRNA species larger than miRNAs and siRNAs in both rice and Arabidopsis. Another research area is the molecular and biochemical mechanism for light regulated seedling development in Arabidopsis. We have discovered a dozen pleiotropic COP/DET/FUS loci responsible for mediating light control of seedling development. Their encoded proteins constitute three protein machineries involved in targeting photomorphogenesis-promoting factors for degradation by the 26S proteasome, in response to external stimuli. We are applying both molecular/genetic and genomic approaches to further analyze the action mechanism of those novel cellular machineries, which are conserved among all multicellular organisms.

Selected Publications

  • Jiao, Y.L., Lau, O.S., and Deng, X.W. (2007). Light regulated transcriptional networks in higher plants. Nat. Rev. Genetics 8(3):217-30.
  • Feng S, Martinez C, Gusmaroli G, Wang Y, Zhou J, Wang F, Chen L, Yu L, Iglesias-Pedraz JM, Kircher S, Schäfer E, Fu X, Fan LM, Deng XW. (2008). Coordinated regulation of Arabidopsis development by light and plant hormone gibberellins. Nature, 451, 475-479.
  • Yu, JW, Rubio, V, Lee, NY, Bai, SL, Lee, SY, Kim, SS, Liu, LJ, Zhang, YY, Irigoyen, ML, Sullivan, JA, Zhu, DM, Zhang, Y, Lee, I, Xie, Q, Paek, NC, and Deng, XW (2008). COP1 and ELF3 control circadian function and photoperiodic flowering by regulating GI stability. Molecular Cell, 32:617-630.
  • Wang X, Elling AA, Li X, Li N, Peng Z, He G, Sun H, Qi Y, Liu XS, Deng XW. (2009) Genome-wide and organ-specific landscapes of epigenetic modifications and their relationships to mRNA and small RNA transcriptomes in maize. Plant Cell 21:1053-69

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