Molecular Cell Biology, Genetics, and Development Faculty

Acar, Murat

Research Interests:Systems biology, synthetic biology, gene regulatory networks, noise in gene expression, aging, evolution of gene networks.

Agaisse, Herve Francois

Research Interests:Host/pathogen interaction; Shigella; Chlamydia; Vaccinia virus; Listeria; Dissemination; Actin-based motility; Non-vesicular lipid trafficking; Tyrosine kinase signaling; Type III secretion system

Baddeley, David

Research Interests:Microscopy, super-resolution

Bahmanyar, Shirin

Research Interests:organelle structure, lipid synthesis, nuclear envelope, lamins, high resolution microscopy, cellular dynamics, C elegans

Bale, Allen Everett

Research Interests:Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer; Predisposition and Developmental Defects; DNA Diagnostics; Birth Defects; Cancer; Fanconi; Genetics; Hedgehog; Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia; Patched; Skin Cancer; Tumor Suppressor

Baserga, Susan J

Research Interests:Ribosome biogenesis; RRNA processing; U3 RNP structure and function; RNA helicases; Polymerase I transcription and processing

Bennett, Anton M.

Research Interests:Signal transduction; Protein tyrosine phosphatases; Cancer; Diabetes; Obesity; Muscle stem cells; Muscular dystrophy

Bewersdorf, Joerg

Research Interests:Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Bogan, Jonathan S

Research Interests:Protein trafficking; Ubiquitin-like modification; Cell structure; Insulin signaling; Type 2 diabetes; Metabolic diseases

Breaker, Ronald R

Research Interests:non-coding RNA; riboswitches; ribozymes; catalytic DNA; RNA and evolution; antibiotics development

Brudvig, Gary W

Research Interests:photosystem II; EPR spectroscopy; metalloproteins; artificial photosynthesis

Brueckner, Martina

Research Interests:Development of left-right asymmetry; Heterotaxy syndrome; Kartagener syndrome; Situs inversus

Burd, Chris

Research Interests:organelle biogenesis, endocytosis, secretion, phosphoinositide signaling

Calderwood, David A.

Research Interests:Integrin; Cell adhesion; Cell migration; Cytoskeleton; Structural biology

Caplan, Michael J

Research Interests:Ion pumps in polarized epithelia; Sorting and function

Carlson, John R

Research Interests:Drosophila, olfaction, taste, Anopheles, mosquito

Carroll, Topher

Research Interests:Epigenetics; Chromosomes; Chromatin; Gene expression; Nuclear Organization; Nuclear Membrane;

Chandra, Sreeganga

Research Interests:Presynaptic Biology; Synapse Maintenance; Parkinson's Disease; Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, Neurodegeneration

Cheung, Kei-Hoi

Research Interests:Genetic database; Tool interpolation

Clark, Damon Alistair

Research Interests:visual processing; computational neuroscience; neural circuits; Drosophila; behavior; modeling

Colón-Ramos, Daniel Alfonso

Research Interests:Neural connectivity; Brain; Nematode C. elegans

Cooley, Lynn

Research Interests:Molecular Genetics of Drosophila Oogenesis; Actin Cytoskeleton Regulation; Drosophila; Oogenesis; Ring Canal; Ovarian Muscle Function

Cotsapas, Chris

Research Interests:Genetics; Computational biology; Cell-based approaches to discover and understand the mechanisms that give rise to disease; Disorders of the immune system and brain

Cresswell, Peter

Research Interests:Molecular mechanisms of antigen processing; Assembly and intracellular transport of CD1 molecules, Class I and Class II MHC molecules; Effector functions; mechanisms of action of interferon-induced proteins; Viral immunity

Crews, Craig M

Research Interests:Limb regeneration; wound epidermis; blastema; natural product mode of action studies; angiogenesis; Wnt signaling; protein turnover; protein kinase regulation

De Camilli, Pietro

Research Interests:Synapses; Membrane Traffic; Endocytosis; Clathrin; Dynamin; Phosphoinositides; Lipid Metabolism; Lowe Syndrome; Bar Proteins; Neurodegeneration; Membrane Contact Sites

Deng, Xing Wang

Research Interests:Plant Biology, Genome and Epigenome, Development mechanism, Hybrid Vigor, Agribiotechnology Light Regulation

DiGiovanna, Michael P

Research Interests:Breast cancer; HER-2/neu/ErbB-2; IGF1 receptor; EGF receptor; Growth factor receptor tyrosine protein kinases in malignancy; Estrogen receptor; Signal transduction; Breast cancer clinical trials

DiLeone, Ralph Joseph

Research Interests:Addictions; Animal Behavior; Ethology; Animal Nutrition; Diseases and Disorders; Drug Abuse; Eating Disorders; Etiology; Evolution; Genetic Manipulation; Natural History; Obesity; Psychiatry

DiMaio, Daniel C.

Research Interests:Molecular Biology of Tumor Viruses; Mechanisms of Viral Carcinogenesis; Molecular Basis of Cell Growth Regulation and Senescence; Manipulating Cells and Viruses with Artificial Transmembrane Proteins; Oncogenes; Senescence; Signal Transduction; Trans-membrane Proteins; Tumor Suppressor Genes; Virology; Virus

Dufresne, Eric Robert

Research Interests:Mechanics of cells and tissues. Self-assembly of proteins, membranes and cells. Soft matter physics.

Emonet, Thierry

Research Interests:Computational Biology chemotaxis, olfaction, immunology

Ferguson, Shawn Michael

Research Interests:Neurodegenerative Disease; Lysosomes; Alzheimer's Disease; Frontotemporal Dementia; Lysosome Storage Disorders; Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis

Forscher, Paul

Research Interests:cytoskeleton; actin filament; microtubule; protein dynamics; axon growth; axon guidance; axon regeneration; mechanotransduction; calcium; Rho GTPase

Galan, Jorge E

Research Interests:Microbial Pathogenesis; Host/pathogen interaction

Gallagher, Patrick G

Research Interests:Neonatal hematology; Erythropoiesis; Inherited abnormalities of the erythrocyte including metabolic, membrane, and hemoglobin disorders; Sickle cell disease; Hereditary spherocytosis; Elliptocytosis; Pyropoikilocytosis; Stomatocytosis

Gelernter, Joel

Research Interests:Complex trait genetics; Psychiatric genetics; Population genetics; Substance dependence; Gene mapping

Gendron, Joshua Martin

Research Interests:plants, circadian clock, protein degradation

Gerstein, Mark B

Research Interests:Biochemistry; Bioinformatics; Biophysics; Computational Biology; DNA; Genomics; Molecular Simulation; Proteins; Sequence Alignment; Structural Biology

Giraldez, Antonio J.

Research Interests:Developmental Biology; Non-coding RNAs; Post-transcriptional regulation; microRNAs; Gene regulatory networks; Systems Biology; Zebrafish

Glazer, Peter M.

Research Interests:Gene targeting and gene therapy; Genetic instability in cancer; Mutagenesis; DNA repair; Radiation resistance; Cellular responses to radiation

Goodman, Andrew

Research Interests:Microbiota; Microbiome; Genomics; Gnotobiotic; Germfree; Symbiosis; Gut; Flora; Bacteria; Pathogen

Gorelick, Fred

Research Interests:Exocrine pancreas; Pancreatitis; Intracellular proteolysis; Vacuolar ATPase; AMPK; Protein kinase C

Greco, Valentina

Research Interests:Organ regeneration in vertebrate systems; Stem cells; Stem cell niche organization; Cancer

Groisman, Eduardo

Research Interests:Bacterial genetics; Signal transduction; Infectious diseases; Gene regulation; Bacteria-host interactions; Gut commensal bacteria

Gruen, Jeffrey Robert

Research Interests:Genetics of communication disorders and learning disabilities, dyslexia, and language impairment (LI); Biological underpinnings of dyslexia, language impairment, learning disabilities, and communication disorders; Dyslexia; Language impairment; learning disabilities; communication disorders

Gunel, Murat

Research Interests:Molecular genetics and biology of brain aneurysms and cavernous malformations; Molecular genetics of brain development

Guo, Shangqin

Research Interests:Cell fate control; Reprogramming; Hematopoietic stem and progenitors; Leukemogenesis; Cell cycle; live-cell imaging

Hammarlund, Marc

Research Interests:Axon regeneration and degeneration; Neuronal plasticity; Femtosecond laser surgery; C. elegans neurobiology

Hattangadi, Shilpa

Research Interests:Terminal erythroid development; Hematopoiesis; Bone marrow failure; Red cell aplasia; Chromatin condensation; Nuclear protein export; Proteomics; Genomics; Transcriptional regulation; Histone modification; Post-translational modification of hematopoietic regulators

Higley, Michael J

Research Interests:Synaptic Integration; GABAergic Inhibition; Dendrites; Electrophysiology; Multiphoton Imaging

Hochstrasser, Mark W

Research Interests:Adenosinetriphosphatase; Cell Growth Regulation; Chemical Cleavage; Chemical Conjugate; Chimeric Protein; Enzyme Activity; Enzyme Complex; Enzyme Mechanism; Enzyme Structure; Fungal Genetics; Gene Deletion Mutation; Immunoelectron Microscopy; Isozyme; Mass Spectrometry; Mutant; Proteasome; Protein Degradation; Protein Purification; Proteinase; Protooncogene; Saccharomyces Cerevisiae; Transcription Factor; Ubiquitin

Holley, Scott

Research Interests:Systems Developmental Biology, Gene Networks, Embryo Biomechanics

Horwich, Arthur L

Research Interests:Chaperones in protein folding; ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

Howard, Jonathon

Research Interests:Motor proteins and the cytoskeleton; Microtubule dynamics and motors; Cell motility; Mitosis; the Axoneme; Neuronal Morphology

Irish, Vivian

Research Interests:developmental genetics; Arabidopsis; evolution of development

Isaacs, Farren

Research Interests:Synthetic Biology; Systems Biology; Genomics; Biotechnology

Ivanova, Natalia B.

Research Interests:Embryonic and somatic stem cells; Vertebrate development; Functional genomics; Systems biology

Iwasaki, Akiko

Research Interests:Innate immunity; Autophagy; Inflammasomes; Sexually transmitted infections; Herpes simplex virus; Human papillomavirus; Respiratory virus infections; Influenza infection; T cell immunity; Commensal bacteria

Jacobs-Wagner, Christine

Research Interests:Bacterial multiplication, cell division; chromosome segregation; cell cycle coordination; cell morphogenesis, cytokeleton, cell polarity

Kazmierczak, Barbara Irene

Research Interests:Pseudomonas aeruginosa; Staphylococcus aureus; Innate immunity; Host-pathogen interactions; Mucosal immunity

Khokha, Mustafa Kezar

Research Interests:Establishment of vertebrate body plan; Embryonic patterning and gene regulatory networks; Xenopus (frog) genetics

Kidd, Kenneth Kay

Research Interests:Complex Human Disorders; Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Human Population ; Genetics; Human Evolution

Kim, In-Jung

Research Interests:Neuroscience; Development; Visual system; Neural circuits; Transgenic approaches; Direction selectivity

King, Megan C.

Research Interests:Microtubules; Nucleus; Nuclear envelope; DNA repair; Cellular mechanics; Telomere biology

Koelle, Michael R

Research Interests:C. Elegans; G Protein; Neurotransmission; RGS Protein; Serotonin; Molecular Genetics; Neurobiology; Neurotransmitters; Proteins and Macromolecules; Receptors

Koleske, Anthony J

Research Interests:Neuronal morphogenesis and degeneration; Stress; Schizophrenia; Cell migration; Cancer; Metastasis; Adhesion receptors

Konigsberg, William H

Research Interests:Blood Coagulation; DNA Replication; Genetics; Proteins and Macromolecules

Krause, Diane S

Research Interests:Bone Marrow Transplantation; Stem Cells; Cell and Molecular Hematology; Leukemia

Kupfer, Gary

Research Interests:Genomic instability; Development of cancer; Genetic syndrome Fanconi anemia (FA); Viral protein enhancement of cancer therapeutics

Kyriakides, Themis

Research Interests:Angiogenesis; Extracellular matrix remodeling; Inflammation; Cell fusion; Wound healing; Foreign body response; Gene delivery; Biomaterials

Li, Peining

Research Interests:Cytogenetic and genomic analysis; Dissection of genetic mechanisms for growth regulation, mental development, and cancer progression

Lifton, Richard P

Research Interests:Molecular genetics of common human diseases

Lim, Janghoo

Research Interests:Mechanisms of neural development; Neurological disorders; Neurodegenerative diseases

Lin, Chenxiang

Research Interests:Engineering DNA-nanostructure-based molecular tools for biological study

Lin, Haifan

Research Interests:Stem cell RNA-mediated epigenetic programming, post-transcriptional regulation

Lu, Jun

Research Interests:Non-coding RNAs in blood stem cell differentiation and malignancies; MicroRNA-mediated control of embryonic stem cell fates; MicroRNA mechanisms

Lusk, Patrick

Research Interests:Nuclear pore complex; Nuclear periphery; Membrane proteins; Chromatin structure

Mani, Arya

Research Interests:Identification of cardiovascular disorders that have strong familial pattern

Mariappan, Malaiyalam

Research Interests:Unfolded Protein Response (UPR); Endoplasmic Reticulum; Protein Translocation and Insertion; ER stress response; Misfolded Proteins; Protein Quality Control

Melia, Thomas

Research Interests:Macroautophagy; Autophagy

Mooseker, Mark S

Research Interests:The cytoskeleton. Epithelial cell biology. molecular motors

Morrow, Jon Stanley

Research Interests:Hemolytic Disease; Degenerative Brain Disease; spectrin; Autopsy Pathology; Renal Pathology; Medical Informatics; Computer Aided Instruction (CAI); Telepathology

Mothes, Walther H

Research Interests:cell biology; retroviral replication; retroviruses; immune; viral biology; genetic; biochemical; cell imaging; Viral entry and exit; Retroviruses including HIV

Nathanson, Michael Harris

Research Interests:Mechanisms and effects of calcium signals in polarized epithelia; Effect of spatial organization of calcium signals on organ function regulation; Factors that organize Ca2+ waves in hepatocytes; Organization and effects of Ca2+ waves in cholangiocytes; Mechanisms and effects of Ca2+ signals in the nucleus

Neugebauer, Karla

Research Interests:pre-mRNA splicing, transcription, gene architecture, SR proteins, cap-binding complex, RNA-protein interactions, Cajal bodies, organization of the cell nucleus, zebrafish embryogenesis.

Nguyen, Don

Research Interests:Metastasis; Lung cancer; Cancer genomics; Tumor microenvironment

Nitabach, Michael N

Research Interests:Neurophysiology; Molecular genetics; Systems Physiology; Animal Behavior

Noonan, James

Research Interests:Human Evolution; Evolutionary Dynamics of Gene Regulation; Synthetic Biology; Applications of Ultra-High Throughput Sequencing Technologies; Comparative and Functional Genomics in Vertebrates

Park, In-Hyun

Research Interests:Reprogramming; iPS cells; Neurodevelopment; Epigenetics

Politi, Katerina

Research Interests:Cancer biology; Mouse models of lung cancer; Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor; ERBB Receptor family; Targeted therapy

Pollard, Thomas Dean

Research Interests:Cytokinesis; cellular motility; role of actin filaments and myosin motors

Pyle, Anna Marie

Research Interests:Structure and function of catalytic RNA; RNA helicase mechanisms; Computational analysis of RNA structure

Qyang, Yibing

Research Interests:Heart; Stem cell; ES cell; iPS cell; Physiology; Tissue engineering; Small molecule; Patient; Disease; Cardiovascular

Regan, Lynne J

Research Interests:Mental retardation; Protein-protein interactions; Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein (FMRP); Protein-based nanomaterials

Reinke, Valerie

Research Interests:Functional genomic analysis of global gene expression mechanisms; C. elegans germline development; Germline stem cells

Rimm, David L

Research Interests:Quantitative Pathology; Cancer Tissue Biomarkers; Melanoma; Breast Cancer; Cell-cell adhesion in cancer; Translation of molecular techniques to diagnostic cytopathology; General Cytopathology; Immunohistochemistry; thyroid pathology

Rinehart, Jesse

Research Interests:Physiological Systems; Protein Phosphorylation; Cell Signaling; Phosphoproteomics; Protein Engineering; Ion Transport; Synthetic Biology; Translational Research

Rodeheffer, Matthew S

Research Interests:Genomics; Stem Cells

Rose, John K

Research Interests:Virology; Vaccine and gene expression vectors based on rhabdoviruses; Membrane protein assembly, transport and targeting; Viral assembly

Rosenbaum, Joel L

Research Interests:Cilia, flagella, ciliopathies, organelle assembly, Intraflagellar Transport, molecular motors, kinesins and dyneins, sensory cila.

Rothman, James E

Research Interests:Elucidating the underlying mechanisms of vesicular transport within cells; Secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters

Schepartz, Alanna

Research Interests:Organic chemistry; chemical biology; biosynthetic engineering; drug design; synthetic biology; Novel methods to inhibit HIV infection

Schlessinger, Joseph

Research Interests:Growth factor receptors; Intracellular signaling pathways; Protein kinases; Phosphorylation; SH2, SH3 and other protein modules involved in signal transduction; Drug discovery

Schlieker, Christian

Research Interests:DYT1 Dystonia, Membrane dynamics; Torsin ATPases; Alternative nuclear transport (nuclear egress); Protein quality control; viral pathogenesis

Schwartz, Martin A

Research Interests:Integrin signaling; Mechanotransduction; Atherosclerosis; Vascular remodeling; Heart disease; Extracellular matrix; Cell adhesion; Cytoskeleton; Cell-cell junctions; Fluid shear stress

Schwartz, Michael L

Research Interests:Mammalian cerebral cortex

Sessa, William C.

Research Interests:Vascular endothelium and inflammation; MiRNAs; Vascular development and angiogenesis; Lipid domains and signaling; Atherosclerosis

Shadel, Gerald S

Research Interests:Mitochondria; Mitochondrial Genetics and Biogenesis; Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Human Disease and Aging; Mechanisms of mtDNA Transcription and Mitochondrial Translation; Signaling Pathways that Sense and Control Mitochondrial Function; Cancer; Immune System Signaling

Simons, Michael

Research Interests:Angiogenesis; Arteriogenesis; Lymphangiogenesis; Endothelial Signaling; tyrosine kinase signaling; vascular development; FGF; VEGF; endocytosis

Solomon, Mark J

Research Interests:Cell cycle; Ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis; Anaphase-promoting Complex

Somlo, Stefan

Research Interests:Genetic kidney and liver disease; Cilia function in tissue homeostasis; Polycystin function

Stern, David F.

Research Interests:Cancer Biology; Signal transduction by HER2/ErbB2 and other EGF family receptor tyrosine kinases; EGF family receptors in breast cancer and mammary development; DNA damage checkpoint signaling; Functional and genetic analysis of cancer; Melanoma

Strittmatter, Stephen M

Research Interests:Axon Guidance; Axon Regeneration; Spinal Cord Injury; Molecular Biology; Stroke; Neurodegenerative Disease; Alzheimer's Disease; Fronto-Temporal Dementia

Strobel, Scott A

Research Interests:Antibiotics; Nucleic Acid Bioorganic Chemistry; Ribosome; Ribozyme; RNA Catalysis; RNA-Protein Interaction; Translation; Riboswitches, Biofuels; Endophytes; Natural Product Discovery

Sun, Zhaoxia

Research Interests:Zebrafish genetics; Cilium; Kidney development; Polycystic kidney disease (PKD); Ciliopathy

Sung, Patrick

Research Interests:Repair of DNA double-strand breaks; Repair by homologous recombination; Repair by DNA end-joining

Sutton, Richard

Research Interests:HIV replication and the development of small animal models of HIV; HIV vectors; HIV replication and gene transfer into non-dividing cells

Sweasy, Joann Balazs

Research Interests:Genome Stability; Mutagenesis; DNA Replication; DNA Repair; Carcinogenesis

Tattersall, Peter John

Research Interests:Biochemistry; Genetics; Parvoviruses; DNA replication; Gene therapy; Oncolytic virus; Vaccines; Vectors; Viral replication and vectors

Thoreen, Carson

Research Interests:Growth control; RNA; Translation; Cancer biology; Signaling; Biochemistry; Bioinformatics; Metabolism

Toomre, Derek K.

Research Interests:Cell Biology; Exocytosis; Endocytosis; Membrane Traffic; Tethering; Microscopy; Live Cell Imaging; TIRFM; Single molecule

Turk, Benjamin E

Research Interests:Cell signaling; Protein kinases; Chemical biology; Proteomics; Metalloproteases; Protein engineering

Vaccarino, Flora Maria

Research Interests:Neural stem cells; Cerebral cortex; Neuronal progenitors; Tyrosine kinase growth factors; Excitatory neurons; GABAergic neurons; Postmortem human brain; Induced pluripotent stem cells; Hypoxia

Vignery, Agnès M C

Research Interests:Differentiation mechanism of osteoblasts; Fusion mechanism of macrophages

Walther, Zenta

Research Interests:Epithelial polarity and proliferation control; Intestinal epithelial homeostasis; Intestinal barrier function; Innate immune signalling

Weatherbee, Scott Donald

Research Interests:Limb development; Developmental genetics; Organogenesis; Mouse genetics; Signaling pathways; Embryogenesis

Weissman, Sherman Morton

Research Interests:Globin and Histocompatibility Gene Structure and Function; Genome wide mapping of gene activity and chromosome structure in man; Transcription Factors; Lymphocyte and myeloid Transcription Networks; Stem Cells; Cell Senescence; Methods for Molecular Genetics

Wolin, Sandra L

Research Interests:Noncoding RNAs; RNA surveillance; RNA damage; Autoimmune disease; Environmental stress

Wu, Dianqing (Dan)

Research Interests:Wnt; signal transduction; G protein, Chemotaxis;Cell migration; Cancer biology and therapeutics; Stem cell biology; Chemoattractant signaling; Inflammation

Xiao, Andrew Zhuo

Research Interests:Chromatin biology; Histone variants; Modifications and chromatin remodeling complexes; Cellular reprogramming (iPS) and stem cell biology; Mammalian neural crest cell; Mammalian DNA damage response

Xu, Tian

Research Interests:Genetic methodology; Cancer biology; Food and metabolism; Developmental mechanisms

Yan, Qin

Research Interests:Epigenetics; Gene regulation; Cancer biology; Stem cell biology

Yang, Xiaoyong

Research Interests:Nutrient Sensing; Cell Signaling; Circadian Rhythm; Post-translational Modifications; Metabolic Physiology; Diabetes; Cancer; Aging; Systems Biology

Yao, Jie

Research Interests:Transcription regulation; Chromatin; Nuclear periphery; Nuclear compartmentalization; Protein dynamics; Cellular biophysics and imaging

Zenisek, David

Research Interests:Physiology and cell biology of the presynaptic terminal; Retinal Bipolar Neuron; Synaptic Terminal; Synaptic Ribbons; Vesicle Transport; Exocytosis; Endocytosis

Zhang, Yongli

Research Interests:Single-molecule biophysics and biochemistry; Optical tweezers; ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling; SNAREs; Membrane fusion; Membrane fission; Dynamin

Zhao, Hongyu

Research Interests:Statistical genomics and proteomics; Bioinformatics; Data integration; High dimensional data; Network and graphical models; Disease risk prediction; Herbal medicine; Microbiome

Zhong, Weimin

Research Interests:asymmetric cell division; differentiation; neurogenesis; progenitor cell; self-renewal; stem cell

Zhu, Yong

Research Interests:Circadian genes; MicroRNAs; Shift-work; Breast Cancer; Lymphoma; Prostate Cancer