Kei-Hoi Cheung, PhD

Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and of Anesthesiology (Medical Informatics)

Research Interests

Research Organizations

Medical Informatics, Yale Center for

NHLBI Proteomics

NIDA Neuroproteomics Center

Research Summary

As the number of life science databases and analytic tools increase, the interoperation of such databases and tools has become important. The growing number, heterogeneity, and variety of databases and tools have posed a major interoperability challenge. We tackle this challenge by exploring efficient and innovative approaches involving the use of XML, semantic web, metadata, distributed computing, and high performance computing. We have been collaborating with many faculty members in different departments and core facilities including Genetics, Biology, Computer Science, Biostatistics, Yale Keck Microarray Facility, and Yale Keck Protein Profiling Facility. Our research is carried out in the context of integrating and analyzing: a) microarray data, b) proteomics data including mass spectrometry (MS) data, c) allele frequency data, d) yeast genome data, and e) neuroscience data. Related projects include: a) Yale Microarray Database (YMD), b) Yale Protein Expression Database (YPED), c) Allele Frequency Database (ALFRED), d) YeastHub, and e) SenseLab.

Extensive Research Description

Ongoing Projects:

  • Yale Microarray Database: An institution-wide database for use by microarray researchers at Yale and outside of Yale
  • Yeast transposon-insertion genome project PhenoDB: a database program that manages and analyzes genotype/phenotype data in support of population and pedigree gen

Selected Publications

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