Karla Neugebauer, PhD

Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry and of Cell Biology

Research Interests

Research Organizations

Cancer Center, Yale: Cancer Genetics & Genomics

Center for RNA Science and Medicine, Yale

Research Summary

We are interested in links between in transcription and splicing, as well as the role of cellular subcompartments in RNA biogenesis. We use imaging, techniques that capture RNA-protein interactions, and next generation sequencing as major tools. We study these phenomena in yeast (fission and budding), zebrafish and mammalian tissue culture cells.

Selected Publications

  • M. Brugiolo, L. Herzel and K.M. Neugebauer. 2013. Counting on Co-transcriptional Splicing. F1000Prime Reports 5:9-15.
  • Müller-McNicoll, M. and K.M. Neugebauer. 2013. How cells get the message: dynamic assembly and function of mRNA-protein complexes. Nature Reviews Genetics 14:275-87.
  • Bieberstein, N., F. Carrillo Oesterreich, K. Straube and K.M. Neugebauer. 2012. First exon length controls active chromatin signatures and transcription. Cell Reports 2:62-68.
  • Änkö, M-L., M. Müller-McNicoll, H. Brandl, T. Curk, C. Gorup, I. Henry, J. Ule and K.M. Neugebauer. 2012. The RNA-binding landscapes of two SR proteins reveal unique functions and binding to diverse RNA classes. Genome Biology 13: R17.
  • Carrillo Oesterreich, F., S. Preibisch, and K.M. Neugebauer. 2010. Global analysis of nascent RNA reveals transcriptional pausing in terminal exons. Molecular Cell 40: 571-581.
  • Strzelecka, M, S. Trowitzsch, G. Weber, R. Lührmann, A.C. Oates and K.M. Neugebauer. 2010. Coilin-dependent snRNP assembly is essential for zebrafish embryogenesis. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 17: 403–409.

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