Ronald Raphael Coifman, PhD

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Research Interests

Research Summary

Ronald Coifman's research interests include: Nonlinear Harmonic Analysis of high dimensional digital data. He is currently developing analysis tools for organization and information extraction in both biological and physical data sets including; hyperspectral imaging of biopsies, patient hematology profiles, psychological questionnaires, EEG etc.

Extensive Research Description

Professor Coifman is currently developing analysis tools for spectrometric diagnostics and hyperspectral imaging.

Selected Publications

  • "Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis," 10,#1, with F. Geshwind, Y. Meyer, Noiselets, Jan 2001, pp. 27-44.
  • "On zerotree quantization for embedded wavelet packet image coding," with N. Rajpoot, F. Meyer, R. Wilson, Proceedings of the 1999 International Conference on Image Processing, Piscataway, NJ, 2:283-7.
  • "Adaptive solution of multidimensional PDE via tensor product wavelet decomposition," with A. Averbuch, G. Beylkin, P. Fisher, M. Israeli, To be published in ACHA, 2000.
  • "The pseudopolar FFT and its applications," with A. Averbuch, R. Coifman, D. Donoho, M. Israeli, J. Walden, Research Report YALEU/DCS/RR-1178, 1999.

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Ronald Raphael Coifman, PhD
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