Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Structural Biology Faculty

Acar, Murat

Research Interests: Systems biology, synthetic biology, gene regulatory networks, noise in gene expression, aging, evolution of gene networks.

Anderson, Karen S

Research Interests: Enzyme function; Anti-viral agents

Baserga, Susan J

Research Interests: Ribosome biogenesis; RRNA processing; U3 RNP structure and function; RNA helicases; Polymerase I transcription and processing

Beardsley, George Peter

Research Interests: Biology of Osteosarcoma; Molecular enzymology of purine biosynthesis indicators for osteosarcoma; Molecular Pharmacology of anticancer and antiviral drugs which alter DNA structure; Biochemical Pharmacology of antifolate drugs; Development of novel antifolates

Berro, Julien

Research Interests: Endocytosis; Cytoskeleton; Cell Biology; Quantitative Microsocopy; Mathematical Modeling

Bewersdorf, Joerg

Research Interests: Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

Bindra, Ranjit S.

Research Interests: DNA repair; Translational research; Clinical trials with experimental therapeutics; High-throughput drug screening

Boggon, Titus

Research Interests: Structural biology of signal transduction

Braddock, Demetrios

Research Interests: Structural biology; Hematopathology; Genitourinary Pathology

Breaker, Ronald R

Research Interests: non-coding RNA; riboswitches; ribozymes; catalytic DNA; RNA and evolution; antibiotics development

Brudvig, Gary W

Research Interests: photosystem II; EPR spectroscopy; metalloproteins; artificial photosynthesis

Calderwood, David A.

Research Interests: Integrin; Cell adhesion; Cell migration; Cytoskeleton; Structural biology

Carroll, Topher

Research Interests: Epigenetics; Chromosomes; Chromatin; Gene expression; Nuclear Organization; Nuclear Membrane;

Cheng, Yung-Chi

Research Interests: Cancer; Viral chemotherapy; Chinese herbs; Chinese medicine

Crews, Craig M

Research Interests: Limb regeneration; wound epidermis; blastema; natural product mode of action studies; angiogenesis; Wnt signaling; protein turnover; protein kinase regulation

De La Cruz, Enrique M.

Research Interests: Cytoskeleton; RNA helicases; Kinetics; Thermodynamics; Polymer Mechanics; Processivity

DiMaio, Daniel C.

Research Interests: Molecular Biology of Tumor Viruses; Mechanisms of Viral Carcinogenesis; Molecular Basis of Cell Growth Regulation and Senescence; Manipulating Cells and Viruses with Artificial Transmembrane Proteins; Oncogenes; Senescence; Signal Transduction; Trans-membrane Proteins; Tumor Suppressor Genes; Virology; Virus

Ehrlich, Barbara E

Research Interests: Intracellular calcium regulation

Ellman, Jonathan A

Research Interests: proteases, phosphatases, inhibitors, C-H functionalization, asymmetric amine synthesis

Eswarakumar, V. P.

Research Interests: Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptors (FGFRs)

Ferguson, Shawn Michael

Research Interests: Lysosomes; Membrane traffic; Energy homeostasis; Nutrient homeostasis; Transcription factor; Signaling; Neurodegeneration; Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis; Genetics

Garen, Alan

Research Interests: Development; Genetics; Medical Sciences; Molecular Biology

Gerstein, Mark B

Research Interests: Biochemistry; Bioinformatics; Biophysics; Computational Biology; DNA; Genomics; Molecular Simulation; Proteins; Sequence Alignment; Structural Biology

Giraldez, Antonio J.

Research Interests: Developmental Biology; Non-coding RNAs, Post-transcriptional regulation; microRNAs; Gene regulatory networks; Systems Biology; Zebrafish

Ha, Ya

Research Interests: Membrane protein; X-ray crystallography; Enzyme mechanism

Hochstrasser, Mark W

Research Interests: Adenosinetriphosphatase; Cell Growth Regulation; Chemical Cleavage; Chemical Conjugate; Chimeric Protein; Enzyme Activity; Enzyme Complex; Enzyme Mechanism; Enzyme Structure; Fungal Genetics; Gene Deletion Mutation; Immunoelectron Microscopy; Isozyme; Mass Spectrometry; Mutant; Proteasome; Protein Degradation; Protein Purification; Proteinase; Protooncogene; Saccharomyces Cerevisiae; Transcription Factor; Ubiquitin

Hodsdon, Michael Edwin

Research Interests: Biochemistry; Biophysics; Breast Cancer; Clinical Chemistry; Drug Metabolism; Health and Medicine; Laboratory Practice or Procedure; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Pathobiology; Pharmacology; Spectroscopy; Structural Biology; Toxicology

Holley, Scott

Research Interests: Systems Developmental Biology, Gene Networks, Embryo Biomechanics

Horwich, Arthur L

Research Interests: Chaperones in protein folding; ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

Howard, Jonathon

Research Interests: Motor proteins and the cytoskeleton; Microtubule dynamics and motors; Cell motility; Mitosis; the Axoneme; Neuronal Morphology

Howe, James R

Research Interests: Glutamate receptors

Isaacs, Farren

Research Interests: Synthetic Biology; Systems Biology; Genomics; Biotechnology

King, Megan C.

Research Interests: Microtubules; Nucleus; Nuclear envelope; DNA repair; Cellular mechanics; Telomere biology

Koelle, Michael R

Research Interests: C. Elegans; G Protein; Neurotransmission; RGS Protein; Serotonin; Molecular Genetics; Neurobiology; Neurotransmitters; Proteins and Macromolecules; Receptors

Koleske, Anthony J

Research Interests: Neuronal morphogenesis and degeneration; Stress; Schizophrenia; Cell migration; Cancer; Metastasis; Adhesion receptors

Konigsberg, William H

Research Interests: Blood Coagulation; DNA Replication; Genetics; Proteins and Macromolecules

Lifton, Richard P

Research Interests: Molecular genetics of common human diseases

Lin, Chenxiang

Research Interests: Engineering DNA-nanostructure-based molecular tools for biological study

Lin, Haifan

Research Interests: Stem cell RNA-mediated epigenetic programming, post-transcriptional regulation

Lolis, Elias

Research Interests: Cancer; Inflammation; Infectious disease; Macromolecular X-ray crystallography; Signaling pathways; Drug design; High throughput screening (HTPS)

Loria, J Patrick

Research Interests: Protein Folding

Lu, Jun

Research Interests: Non-coding RNAs in blood stem cell differentiation and malignancies; MicroRNA-mediated control of embryonic stem cell fates; MicroRNA mechanisms

Lusk, Patrick

Research Interests: Nuclear pore complex; Nuclear periphery; Membrane proteins; Chromatin structure

Mariappan, Malaiyalam

Research Interests: Unfolded Protein Response (UPR), Endoplasmic Reticulum, Protein Translocation and Insertion, ER stress response, Misfolded Proteins, Protein Quality Control

Melia, Thomas

Research Interests: Macroautophagy; Autophagy

Miller, I George, Jr

Research Interests: Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV); Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus (KSHV); Tumor virology

Miranker, Andrew D

Research Interests: Conformational changes in proteins which give rise to a special class of protein complex known as amyloid fibrils

Neugebauer, Karla

Research Interests: pre-mRNA splicing, transcription, gene architecture, SR proteins, cap-binding complex, RNA-protein interactions, Cajal bodies, organization of the cell nucleus, zebrafish embryogenesis.

Paintsil, Elijah

Research Interests: HIV translational research; Cellular pharmacology of HIV-RT inhibitors in relation to clinical toxicities; Fitness and evolution of HIV drug resistant mutants; Molecular epidemiology and dynamics of HIV/HCV transmission

Pollard, Thomas Dean

Research Interests: Cytokinesis; cellular motility; role of actin filaments and myosin motors

Pyle, Anna Marie

Research Interests: Structure and function of catalytic RNA; RNA helicase mechanisms; Computational analysis of RNA structure

Regan, Lynne J

Research Interests: Mental retardation; Protein-protein interactions; Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein (FMRP); Protein-based nanomaterials

Rhoades, Elizabeth

Research Interests: Protein-Protein Interactions; Disordered Proteins; Protein Aggregation; Protein Folding; Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Rothman, James E

Research Interests: Elucidating the underlying mechanisms of vesicular transport within cells; Secretion of hormones and neurotransmitters

Rudnick, Gary

Research Interests: Neurotransmitter recycling; Mechanism of membrane transport

Schatz, David G.

Research Interests: Biochemical mechanism and developmental regulation of V(D)J recombination and somatic hypermutation; Lymphocyte development; Mechanisms of DNA repair; Function of the RAG1 and RAG2 proteins; Mechanisms of lymphomagenesis

Schlessinger, Joseph

Research Interests: Growth factor receptors; Intracellular signaling pathways; Protein kinases; Phosphorylation; SH2, SH3 and other protein modules involved in signal transduction; Drug discovery

Schlieker, Christian

Research Interests: Alternative nuclear transport (nuclear egress), Membrane dynamics, Protein quality control, viral pathogenesis, DYT1 Dystonia

Sigworth, Frederick J.

Research Interests: Cell Physiology; Electron Microscopy; Electrophysiology; Ion Channel; Mathematical Model; Patch Clamp; Potassium Channel; Protein Structure; Sodium Channel; Voltage Gated Channel; Xenopus Oocyte

Simon, Matthew

Research Interests: Chemical biology; Large non-coding RNAs; Epigenetic regulation; Histone modifications

Singh, Satinder Kaur

Research Interests: Chemical neurotransmission; Neuropsychiatric disease; Epilepsy; Neuropharmacology; Biogenic amine; Gamma-aminobutyric acid; Neurotransmitter transporter; Antidepressant; Structural neurobiology; X-ray crystallography; Transporter kinetics

Soll, Dieter G

Research Interests: Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthesis; Functional Genomics; Life Science Biological; Mechanism of Translation

Solomon, Mark J

Research Interests: Cell cycle; Ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis; Anaphase-promoting Complex

Steitz, Joan A

Research Interests: Autoantibodies; Gene Expression; RNA; RNA Processing; SnRNPs; Viral Transformation

Steitz, Thomas A

Research Interests: Protein Structure; Proteins and Macromolecules; Protein Nucleic Acid Complexes; X-ray Crystallography

Strobel, Scott A

Research Interests: Antibiotics; Nucleic Acid Bioorganic Chemistry; Ribosome; Ribozyme; RNA Catalysis; RNA-Protein Interaction; Translation; Riboswitches, Biofuels; Endophytes; Natural Product Discovery

Summers, William C

Research Interests: History of molecular biology; Development of target theory; History of Manchurian Plague, 1910-1911

Sung, Patrick

Research Interests: Repair of DNA double-strand breaks; Repair by homologous recombination; Repair by DNA end-joining

Toomre, Derek K.

Research Interests: Cell Biology; Exocytosis; Endocytosis; Membrane Traffic; Tethering; Microscopy; Live Cell Imaging; TIRFM; Single molecule

Turk, Benjamin E

Research Interests: Cell signaling; Protein kinases; Chemical biology; Proteomics; Metalloproteases; Protein engineering

Wolin, Sandra L

Research Interests: Noncoding RNAs; RNA surveillance, RNA damage; Autoimmune disease; Environmental stress

Xiong, Yong

Research Interests: Innate immune systems; HIV; fatty acid synthase (FAS); polyketide synthase (PKS); Viral vectors

Yan, Elsa

Research Interests: GPCRs, membrane proteins, biophysical spectroscopy, surface science, protein-membrane interactions

Yao, Jie

Research Interests: Transcription regulation; Chromatin; Nuclear periphery; Nuclear compartmentalization; Protein dynamics; Cellular biophysics and imaging

Zhang, Yongli

Research Interests: Single-molecule biophysics and biochemistry; Optical tweezers; ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling; SNAREs; Membrane fusion, Membrane fission; Dynamin