The Neuroscience Track seeks to produce neuroscientists with both specialized knowledge and a broad-based understanding of the discipline. A Ph.D. degree in neuroscience is offered by the university-wide Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP), a unified graduate program founded in 1986 and jointly administered by all the participating departments of the Neuroscience Track. 

During their first year, students in the Neuroscience Track follow a course of study designed jointly by both graduate programs that provides suitable preparation for either path to a Ph.D.

"Yale’s renown as a research institution may stretch around the world, but it’s the community fostered within that makes it the ideal place to delve into the cutting edge questions of today. Through the neuroscience program, the BBS, and the graduate school, I have met some of today's brightest minds and, over a beer at the graduate student pub, discussed issues varying from the importance of signal oscillations in the brain to the applications of the mind-body problem in the film Her. Coming to Yale has allowed me to conduct world-class research while befriending world-class researchers, thus giving me the freedom of mind to explore whatever questions I may encounter and the tools to pursue them to their answer." 
Emilio Salazar Cardozo 
Neuroscience Track

Photo Courtesy of Hyungmee Lim