Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Faculty

Acar, Murat

Research Interests:Systems biology, synthetic biology, gene regulatory networks, noise in gene expression, aging, evolution of gene networks.

Berro, Julien

Research Interests:Endocytosis; Cytoskeleton; Cell Biology; Quantitative Microsocopy; Mathematical Modeling

Cheung, Kei-Hoi

Research Interests:Genetic database; Tool interpolation

Cotsapas, Chris

Research Interests:Genetics; Computational biology; Cell-based approaches to discover and understand the mechanisms that give rise to disease; Disorders of the immune system and brain

Deng, Xing Wang

Research Interests:Plant Biology, Genome and Epigenome, Development mechanism, Hybrid Vigor, Agribiotechnology Light Regulation

Emonet, Thierry

Research Interests:Computational Biology chemotaxis, olfaction, immunology

Galvani, Alison P

Research Interests:Applications of epidemiology and evolutionary ecology in the study of numerous diseases

Gerstein, Mark B

Research Interests:Biochemistry; Bioinformatics; Biophysics; Computational Biology; DNA; Genomics; Molecular Simulation; Proteins; Sequence Alignment; Structural Biology

Giraldez, Antonio J.

Research Interests:Developmental Biology; Non-coding RNAs; Post-transcriptional regulation; microRNAs; Gene regulatory networks; Systems Biology; Zebrafish

Gunel, Murat

Research Interests:Molecular genetics and biology of brain aneurysms and cavernous malformations; Molecular genetics of brain development

Kidd, Kenneth Kay

Research Interests:Complex Human Disorders; Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Human Population ; Genetics; Human Evolution

Kleinstein, Steven H

Research Interests:Computational immunology; Systems biology; Bioinformatics; Disease/tissue/pathway/process modeling and simulation; B cell immunoglobulin repertoire analysis; Influenza

Kluger, Yuval

Research Interests:Signal processing and dimensional reduction of genome-wide data; Local and non-local genomic pattern recognition; Identification of cancer subclones with proliferation and invasion potential in heterogeneous cancer biopsies

Krauthammer, Michael Oliver

Research Interests:Molecular interaction networks, computational analysis, pathway discovery, knowledge representation; Statistical modeling and analysis; Text mining in biology, term identification, information extraction

Lin, Haifan

Research Interests:Stem cell RNA-mediated epigenetic programming, post-transcriptional regulation

Lolis, Elias

Research Interests:Cancer; Inflammation; Infectious disease; Macromolecular X-ray crystallography; Signaling pathways; Drug design; High throughput screening (HTPS)

Ma, Shuangge Steven

Research Interests:Bioinformatics; Survival analysis; Semiparametric methods; Cancer study; Mental disorders; Health economics

Miranker, Andrew D

Research Interests:Conformational changes in proteins which give rise to a special class of protein complex known as amyloid fibrils

Noonan, James

Research Interests:Human Evolution; Evolutionary Dynamics of Gene Regulation; Synthetic Biology; Applications of Ultra-High Throughput Sequencing Technologies; Comparative and Functional Genomics in Vertebrates

O'Hern, Corey

Research Interests:protein-protein interactions; intrinsically disordered proteins; active media; cell motion; wound healing in epithelial tissue; molecular dynamics simulations; statistical mechanics; Markov state modeling

Pyle, Anna Marie

Research Interests:Structure and function of catalytic RNA; RNA helicase mechanisms; Computational analysis of RNA structure

Regan, Lynne J

Research Interests:Mental retardation; Protein-protein interactions; Fragile X Mental Retardation Protein (FMRP); Protein-based nanomaterials

Reinke, Valerie

Research Interests:Functional genomic analysis of global gene expression mechanisms; C. elegans germline development; Germline stem cells

Shepherd, Gordon M

Research Interests:Neuronal Dendrites; Dendritic Spines; Synaptic Organization; Olfactory System; Brain Microcircuits; Computational Neuroscience; Neuroinformatics; Functional Connectomes

Soll, Dieter G

Research Interests:Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthesis; Functional Genomics; Life Science Biological; Mechanism of Translation

Wagner, Gunter Paul

Research Interests:evolution of development gene regulation molecular evolution transcription factor evolution uterus function and evolution parturition limb development

Wang, Zuoheng Anita

Research Interests:Statistical Genetics; Bioinformatics; Genomics

Zhang, Heping

Research Interests:Biostatistics; Genomics; Epidemiology; Psychiatry; Pregnancy; Infertility; Substance Use; Bioinformatics

Zhao, Hongyu

Research Interests:Statistical genomics and proteomics; Bioinformatics; Data integration; High dimensional data; Network and graphical models; Disease risk prediction; Herbal medicine; Microbiome

Zucker, Steven

Research Interests:Computational Neuroscience; Computational Vision