Anesthesia Residency Research Scholars Program

The Research Scholars Program was founded in 2006, in order to further the careers of residents who have a keen interest in academic medicine and research. Since 2007, we have accepted 1-2 residents per year into this highly selective program. Residents who are accepted into the Research Scholars Program will receive hands-on mentoring with respect to choosing a research path in clinical or basic science. In the first two years of residency, Research Scholars will become acquainted with research that matches their interests, both inside and outside of the department. In the third year of residency, Research Scholars will spend 6 months of full-time effort in the research group or laboratory that best suits their interests and that can provide outstanding scientific training and mentoring. The Program is designed to support residents who are interested in either clinical or basic science research, either inside or outside of the department.
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After completion of the residency, Research Scholars will go onto (typically) two years of full-time, or nearly full-time, research with their chosen mentors. At the completion of this intensive two-year research experience, Research Scholars will be extremely well positioned to obtain independent funding of their own and go onto highly productive and independent careers in academic medicine. The training opportunities for this program will draw on the outstanding research faculty in Yale’s School and Medicine and Yale University. The Research Scholars Program will provide exceptional training and support for those select residents who have strong aptitude and desire for a career in academic medicine. The goal of this program is to nurture the next generation of medical scholars who will lead Anesthesia for generations to come.

The Research Scholars Program provides financial support for the outstanding residents that are chosen: during the three years of residency, the supplement to Research Scholars will be $12,000 per year. During the subsequent two years of full-time research training, Scholars will be supported by NIH-funded training grants in Anesthesia and elsewhere.