Shaun Evan Gruenbaum

Clinical Fellow in Anesthesiology

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Research Interests

glutamate neurotoxicity, mesial temporal lobe epilepsy, traumatic brain injury


  • B.S., University of Connecticut, 2003
  • M.D., Ben Gurion University, Israel, 2009

Selected Publications

  • 1) Zlotnik A., Gruenbaum S.E., Artru, A.A., Rozet I., Dubilet M., Tkachov S., Brotfain, E., Klin Y., Shapira Y., Taichberg V.I. (2009) The neuroprotective effects of oxaloacetate in closed head injury in rats is mediated by its blood glutamate scavenging activity: evidence from the use of maleate. Journal of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology, 21, 235-241 2) Zlotnik, A., Gurevich, B., Artru, A.A., Gruenbaum, S.E., Dubilet, M., Leibowitz, A., Shapira, Y., Teichberg, V.I. (2010) The effect of hyperthermia on blood glutamate levels, Anesthesia & Analgesia, 111, 1497-504 3) Zlotnik A., Sinelnikov I., Gruenbaum S.E., Gruenbaum B.F., Dubilet M., Dubilet E., Leibowitz A., Ohayon S., Boyko M., Shapira Y., Teichberg V.I. (2012) Effect of glutamate and blood glutamate scavengers oxaloacetate and pyruvate on neurological outcome and pathohistology of the hippocampus after traumatic brain injury in rats, Anesthesiology, 116, 73-83 4) Gruenbaum S.E., Gruenbaum B.F., Tsaregorodtsev S., Dubilet M., Zlotnik A. (2012) Novel use of an exchange catheter to facilitate intubation with an aintree catheter in a tall parturient with a predicted difficult airway, Journal of Medical Case Reports, 6, 108


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