Obstetrical-Anesthesiology Fellowship

The focus of the obstetrical anesthesiology fellowship is to provide a nurturing environment in which to acquire the knowledge and develop the technical skills necessary to provide clinical care and conduct quality research. The one-year program is designed to allow the fellow maximal exposure to the management of complex obstetrical cases, clinical research, and teaching opportunities. One position is offered yearly.

Clinical and Research Components

  • The first clinical portion of the program focuses on the care and management of complex and high-risk patients
  • Twenty percent of deliveries are considered  high risk.  The fellow will be primarily involved with high-risk cases and participte in the high risk obstetric consult clinic. 
  • The research portion of the fellowship should be clinically oriented. It is expected that the fellow will have his/her area of interest outlined before starting the fellowship. This will allow adequate time to prepare a presentation of findings at SOAP (Society of Obstetrical Anesthesia and Perinatology) in May. The fellow will have guidance throughout a research project by clinical researchers within the Department. 
  • The fellow will be expected to assist in the teaching of residents rotating through the OB anesthesia section. This will take the form of informal discussions, seminars and formal lectures. 
  • The fellow will also be involved in direct supervision of residents on the OB floor and OR.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about the Obstetrical-Anesthesiology Fellowship, please contact the Program Director: Denis Snegovskikh, MD