NIH T32 Program

The goal of the NIH T32 Fellowship is to provide young scientists with experience in basic and translational research and to train the next generation of physician scholars (those having MD or MD/PhD degrees).

Research Training Tracks

We offer four research training tracks that fellows may pursue:

  • The Vascular Biology track draws trainers from Anesthesia as well as Vascular Biology and Therapeutics.
  • The Biology of Inflammation/Immunity track uses trainers from the Department of Immunobiology and from Human Translational Immunology.
  • The Bioengineering track draws investigators from Anesthesia as well as Bioengineering and Diagnostic Imaging.
  • Clinical Research gets training resources from within the Department as well as the CTSA program.

While many trainees will be involved in one of the 4 tracks listed above, there are also opportunities to do research in other scientific areas at Yale, such as neurobiology, epidemiology, etc. The choice of mentor and scientific area is left to the individual T32 trainee, in consultation with the Program Director.

The NIH T32 program is specifically designed to provide an intensive research experience for those Anesthesia trainees who want to go onto become academic physicians. T32 trainees will perform research, publish papers, and potentially write their own grant application(s) during the 2 years of NIH support. In many cases, residents who have trained in the Research Scholars Program during the CA-1 through CA-3 years will then go directly onto 2 years of training under the T32 award. However, we also consider highly qualified candidates who have trained at outside institutions, since we often have more available slots in the T32 program than Research Scholars. Availability of slots will vary, year to year.

More Information

For more information, contact the Program Director:

Laura E Niklason MD, PhD
Professor & Vice-Chair for Research
Departments of Anesthesia & Biomedical Engineering
Yale University
Phone: 203-737-1422