Fellowship Program

The Department of Anesthesiology has a long tradition of clinical fellowships. We offer a wide range of supervised opportunities for fellowship trainees. All our subspecialty teams collaborate with the corresponding surgical groups to train fellows, provide research opportunities and conduct quality assessments.

NIH T32 Program

The NIH T32 program is specifically designed to provide an intensive research experience for those Anesthesia trainees who want to go onto become academic physicians


Post-Doctoral Research Training – NIH T32 Program

This T32 training program is one of less than a dozen in the country, and signifies Yale’s commitment and resources for producing the next generation of academic clinicians. The post-doctoral training program is fully NIH-supported and runs for 2 years. 


Obstetrical-Anesthesiology Fellowship

The focus of the obstetrical anesthesiology fellowship is to provide a nurturing environment in which to acquire the knowledge and develop the technical skills necessary to provide clinical care and conduct quality research.


Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship

The pediatric anesthesia subspecialty training program is a 12-month program designed to prepare physicians for the clinical practice of pediatric anesthesiology. Research opportunities are available and encouraged to assist those interested in a career in academic medicine.


Regional Anesthesia Fellowship

The Yale Regional Anesthesia Fellowship is a one-year program designed to train the candidate in ultrasound, nerve stimulation and landmark guided peripheral nerve blocks using both single injection and continuous catheter technique.