Pediatric Pre-Admission Program

Entering the hospital for a surgical or diagnostic procedure is stressful for children and their families.  The Yale Pediatric Pre-Anesthesia Evaluation Clinic is designed to allow the anesthesiologist the opportunity to learn about the child (especially with regard to any prior medical problems) and to allow the child the opportunity to learn about what to expect from their anesthesia and surgery experience.  Since children often require anesthesia for procedures other than surgery (such as MRI or CT scan), our clinic is designed to evaluate these patients as well.

We have experienced pediatric RN's who call the family in the days to weeks prior to their procedure to review the medical history of the patient and the preoperative instructions.  If your child has a complex medical history or is coming for a complex procedure, an appointment will be scheduled to come into our Pre-Anesthesia Evaluation Clinic to be seen by a nurse practitioner, or a child life specialist, and a pediatric anesthesiologist, as well as have any relevant tests or studies done (blood tests or x-rays, for example).  Your surgeon can also schedule an appointment with our clinic if needed.  If your child is otherwise healthy and you feel that your child would benefit from a chance to become acquainted with the hospital surroundings and equipment, we offer orientation to the operative experience classes given by our child life specialist.  These can be scheduled through our office at 203-688-5573.