NORA Division

Non-Operating Room Anesthesia.  NORA is the administration of anesthesia outside the traditional operating room setting.  This is routinely necessary for patients undergoing procedures or tests in the electrophysiology and catheterization labs, interventional radiology, neuroradiology, and gastroenterology departments, as well as in the MRI and CT scan suites, among others.

With the increasing demand for anesthesia outside the operating room, the Department of Anesthesiology at Yale University School of Medicine has assembled one of the nation's first non-operating room anesthesia divisions to specifically address the need to administer anesthesia safely and efficiently under these circumstances.

Among the many issues that are carefully considered:

  • A comprehensive analysis of each locaton is made with regard to required modifications to enable adequate accommodation of necessary anesthesia equipment including emergency backup systems.
  • Equipment sets specifically tailored for a particular laboratory procedure, exam or test are prepackaged in advance.
  • A strict patient selection criteria, including thorough preoperative evaluation and screening is followed.
  • Adequate anesthesia and nursing/ancillary staff are always on hand throughout anesthesia and recovery.
  • Specific recovery care protocols are established taking into consideraion the type of anesthesia, the type of procedure, and special needs of the patient.
  • Reporting protocols are put into place for the ongoing improvement of methods as well as documenting and preventing adverse events.

Our goal, at the Yale University Deprtment of Anesthesiology, is to become a model of the administration on non-operating room anesthesia by becoming the nationwide leader in constructing detailed guidelines and protocols for the safe and proficient administration of anesthesia outside the traditional operative setting.