Pre-Admission Testing

Entering the hospital for a surgical procedure is stressful for patients and their families. The Yale-New Haven Pre-Admission Testing (PAT) Facility is dedicated to meeting the concerns of our pre-operative patients. We have dedicated PAT Facilities for both adult and pediatric patients.

Cost-effective preoperative testing has become a major objective in this era of managed medical care. At the Pre-admission Center, the anesthesiologist reviews what testing is necessary for the patient. The Department has guidelines for testing and collaborates with Diagnostic Imaging and Laboratory Medicine to reduce the costs of unnecessary tests.

Many patients (>:7,000) requiring anesthesia are evaluated in the PAT Facility prior to the day of surgery by nurse practitioners and residents under the supervision of Anesthesiology faculty.  The PAT facility is currently being expanded because of the rapid growth in Yale-New Haven Hospital's clinical activities; this includes a markedly enhanced pediatric PAT section.

The Pre-admission Testing Facility is an important component of our residency program. CA-1 Anesthesia residents typically spend two to four weeks in the Center. They learn guidelines for preoperative assessments and gain practice in their interview skills. They receive a suggested reading list and are given access to a library of primary references and relevant anesthesiology, medicine, surgery and pharmacology texts. Residents are encouraged to communicate with referring surgeons and patients' primary care physicians so they can participate fully in the preoperative care of patients.