Association of Yale Alumni in Medicine (AYAM)

The Association of Yale Alumni in Medicine (AYAM) is comprised of all graduates from the Yale University School of Medicine, and those trained as interns, residents, and fellows in Yale’s postgraduate program. It serves as a link between the School of Medicine and its graduates and helps alumni stay in touch with Yale while providing opportunities for social interaction, networking and volunteer services.

With the exception of the Executive Committee, committee membership is open to any member of the alumni association. If you wish to participate in committee activities, please be in touch with us at or (203) 436-8551.

Committee Membership as of August 16, 2016

Executive Committee

The executive committee has primary responsibility for the activities and representing the interests of the alumni to the school and university. Elections are held each spring and results are announced at the Annual Meeting of the Association during reunion weekend.


President               Richard Kayne, M.D. '76 of Woodbridge, CT
Vice President   Harold R. Mancusi-Ungaro, Jr., M.D. '73 of Santa Rosa, CA
Secretary               Lillian A. Oshva, M.D. '96 of New York, NY
Past President    Susan Ryu Gaynon, M.D. '76 of Palo Alto, CA

At-Large Members

Philip W. Askenase, M.D. '65 of Hamden, CT
Douglas A. Berv, M.D. '74 of Bethany, CT
Nicholas Countryman, M.D. '05 of Carmel, IN
Pinar Kodaman, M.D. '01 of Guilford, CT
Philip W. Lebowitz, M.D. '72 of New York, NY
Amy Liebeskind, M.D. '98 of New York, NY
Mark Meyer, M.D. '94, J.D. '98 of New York, NY
Harlan Pinto, M.D. '83 of Palo Alto, CA
Amy Starr, M.D. '74 of New York, NY
Eric P. Suan, '82, M.D. '86 of Baltimore, MD

Delegates to the Association of Yale Alumni (AYA) 

Brendon Graeber, '01, M.D. '06 of Branford, CT
Harold Kaplan, M.D. '63 of North Haven, CT
Scott T.O. Kennedy, M.D. '08 of San Francisco, CA
Donald L. Kent, M.D. '72 of Tarpon Springs, FL
Mark Ruchman, M.D. ’76 of Washington, CT
Anne A. Wolf, M.D. '92 of West Roxbury, MA

Ex Officio

Dean Robert J. Alpern, M.D.
Ensign Professor of Medicine, Dean of Medicine

Lillian A. Oshva, M.D. '96 of New York, NY
Chair, Alumni Fund

Deborah Jagielow
Director, Alumni Affairs

Ex Officio Student Representatives 

Mytien Nguyen, MED '20
President, Medical Student Council 

Melinda Wang, MED '20
1st year liaison

Jennifer S. Chen, MED '22
2nd year liaison

Sunny Chung, MED '18
3rd year liaison

James (Jim) Smithy, MED '17
4th year liaison

Tambudzai (Tambu) Kudze, MED '17
5th year liaison

Alumni Communications Committee

The committee will review and explore new options for print and electronic communications, including broadcast emails, websites, and social media to our alumni.

Chair: Donald E. Moore, M.D. ’81
Michael Kashgarian, M.D. ‘58
+ Scott T. O. Kennedy, M.D. ’08 

+  = elected or ex officio member of the AYAM Executive Committee

AYA/University Collaborations Committee

The committee will help identify and foster cross-communication and collaboration with other alumni groups of the university including other professional schools

Co-Chair: Christine A. Walsh, M.D. ’73  
Co-Chair: + Harold Mancusi-Ungaro, Jr. M.D. ’73
Carol J. Amick, M.D. ’59
Sharon L. Bonney, M.D. ’76
Fredric K. Cantor, M.D. ’62
+ Nicholas B. Countryman, M.D. ’05 
+ Donald L. Kent, M.D. ’72  
Francis M. Lobo, M.D. ’92
Jocelyn S. Malkin, M.D. ’52
Laura Manuelidis, M.D. ’67
Nicholas M. Passarelli, M.D. ’59
+ Mark Ruchman, M.D. ’75
+ Amy Starr, M.D. ’74
+ Eric P. Suan, M.D. ’86

+  = elected or ex officio member of the AYAM Executive Committee

Alumni Fund Committee

The committee will explore ways to engage alumni and students in financially supporting the School of Medicine through annual gifts to the Alumni Fund.

Chair: + Lillian A. Oshva, M.D. ’96
+ Philip W. Lebowitz, M.D. ’72
Robert W. Lyons, M.D. ’64
+ Mark L. Meyer, M.D. ’94
Muriel D. Wolf, M.D. ’59

+  = elected or ex officio member of the AYAM Executive Committee

Student Engagement Committee

The committee will explore mentoring, connecting alumni speakers to student groups and informal residency interview hosting.

Co-Chair:  Douglas A. Berv, M.D. ’74
Co-Chair:  + Amy Liebeskind, M.D. ’98
+ Philip W. Askenase, M.D. ’65
Harold D. Bornstein, Jr., M.D. ’53
Irwin M. Braverman, M.D. ’55
+Susan Ryu Gaynon, M.D. ’76
Gilbert F. Hogan, M.D. '57
+ Harold P. Kaplan, M.D. ’63
+ Richard D. Kayne, M.D. ’76
+ Pinar Kodaman, M.D.  ’01
Tambudzai Kudze, MED ’17
+ Harlan Pinto, M.D. ‘83
James Smithy, MED ’17
+ Anne A. Wolf, M.D. ’92  

+  = elected or ex officio member of the AYAM Executive Committee